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Vector construction

Optimization and construction of expression vectors

Obtaining a recombinant plasmid to produce plasmid DNA in large quantities, a recombinant protein or a recombinant or transfection vector can be long and fastidious.

SMALTIS can assume the construction of your vectors, whatever the final application.

For that, we deliver a personalized service: sequence design and synthesis, cloning, plasmid preparation, cell line construction and expression control

– Applications to prokaryotic or eukaryotic systems
– Quality control: PCR and Sanger sequencing
– Deliverables: plasmids in solution or cell lines

Step-by-step custom cloning service

– Selection and design of the targetted sequence
– Optimization of the sequence according to your specifications
– Selection of DNA sequence obtention method (PCR or gene synthesis)
– Selection of cloning strategies (Restriction, Gateway, SLIC)
– Choice of cloning vector (addition of label, co-expression or not, choice of promoters, cloning in shuttle vector)
– Vector control by restriction profiles and sequencing

Examples of achievements

– Construction of bacterial gene-inactivating plasmid
– Construction of an expression plasmid to produce Gag, Pol and Env proteins from HERV virus
– Construction of a Broad-host-range vector to produce recombinant proteins secreted by Gram negative bacteria