making microbiology easy


The capacities of the laboratory are based on 3 technical platforms


The microbiology platform has the tools to characterize and quantify microorganisms, whether bacteria, yeast or molds, from different types of samples. This platform also allows us to modify the genome of bacterial strains.

Characterization of microorganisms:
           • identification
           • phenotyping: morphology – physiological & metabolic traits   
           • molecular genotyping
           • antibiotic resistance assessment
           • production of virulence factors measurement 

Isolation and quantification of bacteria by culture on specific media

Modification of bacterial genome


With its molecular biology platform, Smaltis supports projects related to genomic and transcriptomic studies in various contexts. Smaltis has the tools to prepare biological material, perform PCR and qPCR analyses from any type of sample, and propose metagenomic studies.

Preparation of biomolecular material (DNA, RNA, plasmids…)

Amplification and detection of genomic fragments by PCR and RCA PCR

Quantification of genomic fragments by qPCR, analysis of gene expression by RT-qPCR

Metagenomic and metatranscriptomic studies using high-throughput sequencing

Expression vectors construction


Thanks to its cell biology platform, Smaltis offers different study models on eukaryotic cells, allowing you to evaluate bacterial infection and to analyze the cellular response to different compounds or microorganisms.

›  Adhesion & Invasion assays:
           •  various cellular models: intestinal, pulmonary, macrophages, skin cells…
           •  quantification by bacterial enumeration and immunolabelling

› Assessment of chemical or bacterial cytotoxicity

Cellular response to infection: genomic, proteomic