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Co-founder and CEO of SMALTIS

Cédric holds a PhD in Life and Health Sciences from the University of Franche-Comté with a thesis entitled “Characterization of mutants overproducing the active efflux system MexXY/OprM in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.


Co-founder and Managing Director of SMALTIS

Sophie holds a PhD in Life and Health Sciences from the University of Franche-Comté with a thesis entitled “Function and dysfunction of active efflux systems in clinical strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.


QHSE Manager

After obtaining her title in Biotechnology from Luminy’s Higher School of Engineers in 2004. Marjorie gained a strong experience in Molecular and Cellular Biology working at the Oxford BioMedica firm. She then worked in Clinical Research at IATEC in Lille, France and then joined the National Center of Reference (CNR) of resistance to antibiotics’s team in Besançon. Marjorie is hired at SMALTIS in 2014.


Project Manager

Alexandre completed a Master’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Signalling, which he completed by a 2-month internship in Nîmes in 1047 Unit in Bacterial Virulence and Infectious Diseases. In this context, he also carried out a 6-month internship in Besançon within the 6249 Mixed Research Unit and more precisely, in the bacteriology team where he naturally continued his research as a doctoral student in bacteriology, specialising in antibiotic resistance in hospital bacteria. Following these experiences, he joins the SMALTIS team in November 2021 as a Project Manager.


Project Manager

Steffi followed a university education with a Master’s degree in “Life Earth Environment Health Society”. In 2009, she joined the CHU in the Parasitology-Mycology department to complete her PhD in health, attached to the Chrono-Environment laboratory. Her work at the University Hospital continued until 2022 and focused on detection methods for clinical invasive fungal infections. In parallel, her research work focused on antifungal resistance. She joined Smaltis in September 2022 to share her expertise in the handling of fungal microorganisms.


Project Manager Assistant

After completing a scientific baccalaureate specializing in life and earth science, Florine obtained a BTSA Anabiotec. She then joined SMALTIS team in September 2019 with a professional degree in bio-industries and biotechnologies on an alternating basis


Project Manager Assistant

After obtaining her BTS Anabiotech in June 2020 in Mamirolle, Juliette got her first job as a temp in a food analysis laboratory. In January 2021, she joined the SMALTIS team, which recruited her seven months later to strengthen the microbiology and molecular biology platforms.


R&D Project Manager

Arnaud completed a Master 2 in Cellular and Molecular Physiopathology which he complemented with professional experiences as a study and clinical research engineer at the University Hospital of Besançon and as a research assistant in genetic engineering at Oxford University.  He then completed a PhD on the “Identification of novel regulatory pathways involved in non-enzymatic resistance to aminoglycosides in P. aeruginosa” after which he flourished as a teacher and researcher, before joining the SMALTIS team in April 2022 as Research and Development Manager.


Business Developer

After obtaining her engineering degree from the “Ecole de Biologie Industrielle” of Cergy-Pontoise in 2012, Clarisse worked for several years in the finished cosmetic products industry, particularly in scientific promotion and communication. She joined SMALTIS in August 2019 to take on the role of Business Developer.


Laboratory Assistant

Laura obtained her Scientific Baccalaureate in Besançon, then completed a Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the Faculty of Sciences in Besançon. She then joined the SMALTIS team in June 2022 to support the laboratory teams.