Our passion for microbiology at the service of your innovations

SMALTIS is a laboratory delivering tailor-made technological solutions with high added value, to support the development of health products, from research to clinical steps..

SMALTIS thus delivers personalized services and products responding to specific and particular concerns. In parallel, standard services and products are proposed.

In addition, in order to increase its scientific knowledge and broaden its offers, SMALTIS is constantly developing new operating methods and working on internal research projects.

SMALTIS relies on the research capabilities of its team and on three technical platforms (Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Cellular Biology).

SMALTIS is thus a clever blend of rigour, efficiency, responsiveness, listening and advice, which makes it possible to accelerate research and development projects.

SMALTIS is thus a partner for various actors in health innovation:

· Antimicrobials
· Therapies issued from human microbiome
· Biodrugs targeting microorganisms

· MDs against microbial infections (bandages, disinfectants…)
· Diagnostic tests (microbiota biomarkers)

· Phages (phage therapy)
· LBP (Live Biotherapeutic Products)
· Recombinant proteins in the prokaryotic system (GMO)

· Microbiology
· Molecular biology
· Genomics, proteomics

· Cosmetics (claims on skin microbiota)
· Nutraceuticals (food supplements/ probiotics to prevent pathologies)