SMALTIS surrounds itself with many partners allowing it to maintain legitimacy, relevance and expertise.

Pr. Patrick Plésiat is a world-renowned microbiologist. In addition to his University Hospital activities, he is also Director of the National Centre for Antibiotic Resistance in France.

In addition, SMALTIS uses a wide network giving different technologies such as high throughput sequencing or mass spectrometry, to large collections of biological samples (bacterial strains, blood, biopsies, etc.) and to healthy volunteers for in vivo skin microbiota studies.

Finally, in 2019, Smaltis joins forces with Biotech Investissement group:

-80 collaborators
-Sales revenue > 9M€
-30 years of experience & expertise
-Products & services in the field of immunology, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell culture

 • Bioproduction: plasmids, monoclonal/polyclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins (by E. coli, mammalian cells, animals)
 • Elisa Kits, FastElisa, Elispots, Multiplex
 • Analytical services

This alliance allows SMALTIS to consolidate its already well-established expertise in the fields of bioproduction and quality control.