In vitro evaluation of efficacy

Methods of characterization according to recommendations from CLSI (Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute) and CA-SFM/EUCAST (Comité de l’Antibiogramme de la Société Française de Microbiologie/European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing).

·       Antibiograms

·       Minimal Inhibitory Concentration (MIC, MIC50, MIC90)
        Minimal Bactericidal Concentration (MBC)
        Fractional Inhibitory Concentration (FIC-Index)
        (dilution in liquid or solid media)
·       Antimicrobial effect in cell infectious models
        line T84 (intestinal cells), A549 & NCI-H820 (pulmonary cells), J774A.1 (macrophages)
·       Killing curves