Global microbiota

Exploration of microbiota and support of programs linked to it

SMALTIS supports the development of candidates targeting microbiota (intestines, ENT, lungs, urinary tract, vagina, skin, stomach…), such as probiotics, Live Biotherapeutic Products, and other drugs that can be grouped under the term MMP – Microbiotic Medicinal Products.

Tailor-made studies & tools to characterize, control, and optimize bacterial strains or compounds coming from them.

Post-metagenomics studies and development of models to describe mechanisms of action and to demonstrate efficacy:

› DESCRIBE microbiota by metagenomic and metatranscriptomic analysis
› EXPLAIN interactions between bacteria and candidates
› UNDERSTAND impact of a stimulus or candidate on strains of interest
› IDENTIFY specific properties or biomarkers


› Next Generation Sequencing
› Metagenomics, Metatranscriptomics
› Identification & Quantification
› Culture & Viability
› Characterization of properties
          → Morphology, physiology, biochemistry, adhesion, resistance, virulence
› Genotyping


› Cultures & co-cultures of bacteria of interest
         → Available bacterial collections
         → Construction of custom-made strains

› Cellular infections
         → Intestinal, pulmonary and macrophage cells

Ex vivo biological samples
         → Biopsies, skin explants…