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Supporting genomic / transcriptomic and complex matrix projects

Smaltis supports projects related to genomic and transcriptomic studies in different contexts:

  • Molecular characterization of complex samples,
  • Assessment of the effect of products on a molecular target,
  • Validation of diagnostic reagents and kits or detection tools for research,
  • Quality control of pharmaceutical raw materials such as plasmids, recombinant proteins, microorganisms,
  • etc.

Smaltis experts provide routine services and customized studies from the design stage of the procedure to the analysis of molecular biology data.
The dual expertise in microbiology and molecular biology also allows us to offer analysis services using bacterial genetic material.

Processed and studied samples

Smaltis works with all types of biological samples, from the simplest to the most complex, adapting the protocols to them. Smaltis can source the samples as needed.

  • Cellular: microorganisms, eukaryotic cells
  • Molecular: RNA, DNA, plasmids
  • Clinical: blood products, tissues/biopsies, skin or vaginal samples, faeces
  • Environmental: water, sludge, soil, aquatic environments
  • From industrial processes (e.g. fermenters)

Our strengths

Our services

Biomolecular material preparation


Extraction and purification of biological material (DNA, RNA, plasmid) followed by dosage and integrity control of the extracted material
– Construction & Preparation of plasmid DNA
– Constitution of genomic DNA banks

Services realized on simple or complex samples.

PCR / RCA PCR / qPCR / RT-qPCR Analysis


Amplification, detection, qualification and quantification of genetic material (DNA, RNA, plasmid, virus in episomal form…)
Interpretation of qPCR results in relation to the study objectives

Smaltis offers both routine analyses according to standardized protocols and customized analyses with an upstream phase of biological material preparation.

High throughput sequencing analysis


High throughput sequencing (NGS) analysis of nucleic acids from various samples to study the composition in microorganisms
– Sequencing performed on:

o DNA coding for the 16S region of the bacterial ribosome
o ITS region of the fungal ribosome
o Total microbial DNA contained in the sample (Shotgun sequencing).

These services are performed in partnership with a qualified sequencing provider. Smaltis is involved upstream in sample preparation, then in the interpretation of results.
Indeed, from the generated metagenomic data, a comparative, quantitative and qualitative study of the populations is performed. Metatranscriptomic profiling can also be performed to analyze gene expression and identify activation of specific metabolic pathways.

Case studies

Molecular characterization of complex samples

Extraction of total DNA from mouse feces, enrichment protocol and high throughput sequencing of bacterial ribosomal RNA to identify the microorganisms present and analyze the effect of treatment on bacterial richness and diversity.

Assessment of the effect of a therapeutic, nutraceutical or cosmetic molecule or process on a given target/gene

Complete design of the study protocol and conditions, and analysis of the quantity of transcripts by RT-qPCR of the genes of interest after RNA extraction.

External validation/comparison of molecular biology reagents/equipment/kits for research or diagnostic use

From a large panel of clinical bacterial strains of different species, confirmation of their resistance mechanism by PCR, and determination of the efficiency of the diagnostic kit. Participation in the establishment of the regulatory documents necessary for the IVD-R.

Quality control of plasmids, recombinant proteins or microorganisms used in pharmaceutical bioprocesses

Development of bacterial targets for MLVA and of a Multipex PCR technique to identify precisely the bacteria present in the mixture and to verify their stability from one production batch to another.