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Smaltis is pleased to sponsor and participate in the 11th Microbiome R&D & Business Collaboration Forum, May 23-24, 2023, in Rotterdam.

Smaltis is delighted to attend the Journée Microbiotes & Santé organized by Lyonbiopôle on March 9th 2023.

Smaltis is pleased to attend the IPA World Congress + Probiota 2023 brought by will bring together speakers from academia, industry and the regulators. The key themes running through the event include Pre, Pro, Post Biotics & Synbiotics, the gut-brain axis, the state of the market (regulatory & retail), microbiome modulation and the opportunities of Phage and Pharmabiotics.

Smaltis is pleased to participate and present its activities during the congress “Journées Polepharma de Microbiomique” of 2022.

Find here the interview of Cédric Muller, CEO of Smaltis, about this event.

Smaltis is delighted to participate to I4ID Congress 2022 organized by MabDesign and Lyonbiopôle.

Smaltis is pleased to participate in the national congress of the SFM on the theme “Microbes”, from October 3 to 5, 2022. 

We present our activities through a booth and a talk about new services linked to antibiotic resistance!

Smaltis is delighted to participate to ASM MICROBE congress from 9 to 13 June 2022 in Washington DC.

We are happy to tell more about our services and to share our passion for microbiology!

Smaltis is happy to exhibit and to participe to Microbiome Forum Europe on May 24 – 25 2022!

Smaltis is delighted to participate and to present its activities at the 32nd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) which will be held form 23th to 26th April in Lisbon!

We are pleased to announce our presence at the Journée Microbiotes et Santé organised by Lyonbiopôle on 3 February 2022, and we are delighted to sponsor this event around the “Gut microbiome, skin microbiome & gut-skin axis”.

Smaltis is present at the 5th Congress of Immunotherapies and Innovations for Infectious Diseases, organized by MabDesign from November 15th to 16th, in Lyon! 

Smaltis is proud to sponsor and participate in the Journées de Microbiomique organised by Polepharma in Rouen.

We look forward to seeing you on our stand from 4 to 5 November 2021, with microbiology services and good humour!

Smaltis is delighted to participate in the Microbiome and Probiotics R&D and Business Collaboration Forum, associated with the Skin microbiome & Cosmeceuticals congress. See you from 26th to 27th October 2021 on our stand 14 in Rotterdam!

Smaltis is pleased to participate to the SFM Microbes 2021 congress from September 22 to 24, 2021!
See you on our booth in Nantes!

Smaltis is pleased to attend the Adebiotech conference: “Innovative approaches in human, animal and environmental health in the fight against antibiotic resistance”, in partnership with Biocitech and Genopole, on September 16th, 2021 in Evry!

Smaltis is proud to be part of the pitchers of the event Meet & Match Microbiome organized by BioValley France and BioPro on July 1st 2021!

Smaltis is delighted to participate in the World Microbe Forum from 20 to 24 June! This event brings together American Society for Microbiology and Federation of European Microbiological Societies to explore the full scope of microbiology and to delve into the latest cutting-edge science.

Because science is a fast moving world, SMALTIS is pleased to participate in the Adebiotech Webinar on the new horizons of ultra high throughput sequencing, on June 15th 2021!

Smaltis is pleased to participate in the R&D Connections Day organised by Cosmetic Valley on 8 June 2021, in order to discuss with market players and take part in projects involving the study of skin microbiota!

Smaltis is attending the Bacteriophage Therapy Summit on March 2021!