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Quality Assurance

The quality of services is a priority for SMALTIS and represents today the cornerstone of its success. Thereby, in order to show its commitment and to guarantee a high customer satisfaction, SMALTIS is commited to follow the quality of its services. Certified ISO 9001 since April 2015, the company relies on the staff and manager’s commitment to set up and enforce all that is necessary to realize quality services in an appropriate work environment and to seek permanent improvement; a quality procedure is first and foremost an improvement procedure.

ISO 9001: 2015 standard thus places the company in a system of continuous improvement that leads to a higher level of demand and which strengthens its competitiveness every day, while respecting its values ​​”Rigor, Efficiency, Reactivity and Adaptability in all confidentiality”.

“This certification issued by Bureau Véritas recognizes SMALTIS ‘commitment to its customers. It also rewards all the work done by the team to implement a Quality Management System and Environment (SMQE) adapted to the company and its policy. “
Cédric Muller, CEO

On June 7th 2018, SMALTIS obtained the renewal of its ISO 9001 certification according to the 2015 standard by Bureau Véritas for its service activities in bacteriology, cell and molecular biology: analysis, production, research and development.

Crédit Impot Recherche

SMALTIS is also qualified CIR for the period 2021-2023 allocating SMALTIS “to carry out R&D projects on behalf of a third party.”